Holiday Prelude Concert

Fall 2017 Concert Notes

Tina Johns Heidrich, Conductor
Joe Jacovino, Accompanist
Connecticut Master Chorale Holiday Brass

Sunday November 19, 2017 3:00 pm
First Congregational Church, Danbury, Connecticut

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  • Jeffery L. Ames

    Jeffery L. Ames
    b. 1969

    Gloria Fanfare – Jeffery L. Ames

    Opening with a resplendent brass fanfare, jubilation and majesty combine in this dramatic new "Gloria in Excelsis Deo!".

  • Dan Forrest

    Dan Forrest
    b. 1978

    It Is Good to Give Thanks – Dan Forrest

    Bright and spirited setting of Psalm 92.

  • Sir John Goss

    Sir John Goss

    Edward Caswall

    Edward Caswall

    Dan Forrest

    Dan Forrest
    b. 1978

    See Amid the Winter's Snow – Sir John Goss; lyrics by Edward Caswall; arr. Dan Forrest

    Dan Forrest has created a stunning, ethereal arrangement of the lovely English carol.

  • Randy Vader

    Randy Vader
    b. 1950

    Jay Rouse

    Jay Rouse
    b. 1964

    Yahweh, Hear Our Pleas – Randy Vader and Jay Rouse

    Intriguing Advent offering that brings excitement with an increasing tempo throughout.

  • Tom Fettke

    Pepper Choplin
    b. 1957

    Birthday in a Manger – arr. Pepper Choplin

    "Away in a Manger" and "Happy Birthday" (to Jesus) are blended together in this gentle, tender creation.


    An eclectic grouping featuring three diverse Celtic pieces.

    • John Leavitt

      John Leavitt
      b. 1956

      Brendan Graham

      Brendan Graham
      b. 1945

      Christmas Pipes – Brendan Graham; arr. John Leavitt

      "It's good to be home" and all the things that make Christmas special are included in this joyous number popularized by Celtic Woman.

    • Thomas Grassi

      Thomas Grassi
      b. 1970

      Tom Fettke

      Tom Fettke
      b. 1941

      Michael W. Smith

      Michael W. Smith
      b. 1957

      A Highland Carol – Michael W. Smith; arr. Tom Fettke and Thomas Grassi

      The spirit of the Highlands is combined with traditional Christmas texts in a distinctive Celtic carol.

    • Kirby Shaw

      Kirby Shaw
      b. 1942

      Roma Ryan

      Roma Ryan

      Nicky Ryan

      Nicky Ryan
      b. 1949


      b. 1961

      Journey of the Angels – Enya, Nicky Ryan and Roma Ryan; arr. Kirby Shaw

      Another hypnotic classic from Enya creates an atmosphere of peace, comfort, and nostalgia.

  • Mark Hayes

    Mark Hayes
    b. 1953

    Christmas in the Great Hall – arr. Mark Hayes

    A majestic choral fantasy featuring unique arrangements of seven time-honored carols.

  • Michael Barrett

    Michael Barrett
    b. 1985

    African Star Carol – Michael Barrett

    The traditional South African tune Siyahamba is incorporated into this spirited piece with African rhythms.

  • Robert DeCormier

    Robert DeCormier
    b. 1922

    La Trulla - (The Caroling) – arr. Robert DeCormier

    Caroling from house to house is a popular Puerto Rican tradition as reflected in this joyful song.

  • Andy Beck

    Andy Beck
    b. 1961

    Rachel Field

    Rachel Field

    Something Told the Wild Geese – Andy Beck; words by Rachel Field

    Hauntingly beautiful melodic lines evoking the marvelous imagery in this classic Rachel Field poem.

  • John C. Reim

    John C. Reim
    b. 1959

    The Light in the Night – John C. Reim

    Calypso-style combining joyful rhythms with the essence of the Christmas story.

  • Ken Berg

    Ken Berg
    b. 1955

    Mary, Mary! – Ken Berg

    An unusual Big Band version of the well-known spiritual.

  • Young, Clurman and Schwartz

    Steve Young
    Judith Clurman b. 1953
    Stephen Schwartz b. 1948

    Ryan Nowlin

    Ryan Nowlin
    b. 1978

    We Are Lights (The Chanukah Song) – Stephen Schwartz; arr. Ryan Nowlin; words by Steve Young; edited by Judith Clurman

    A lyrical and expressive original by the celebrated Broadway and film composer Stephen Schwartz.

  • E.E Lawrence

    E.E. Lawrence

    Paul Langford

    Paul Langford
    b. 1967

    That's What I Want for Christmas – E.E. Lawrence; arr. Paul Langford

    This jazzy Christmas standard was first made famous by the legendary Ella Fitzgerald.

  • Alan Silvestri

    Alan Silvestri
    b. 1950

    Glen Ballard

    Glen Ballard
    b. 1953

    Believe (from The Polar Express) – Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard

    A fantastic arrangement of the inspirational ballad from the movie "The Polar Express", originally recorded by Josh Groban.

  • John Darin Rowsey

    John Darin
    b. 1966

    Lari Goss

    Lari Goss
    b. 1945

    Down in Bethlehem – John Darin Rowsey; arr. Lari Goss

    An exhilarating retelling of the Christmas story - filled with the spirit of joy, energy and excitement found only in gospel music!