Carnegie Hall 2005

Once Again with John Rutter!

The Connecticut Master Chorale once again found itself performing on the stage of Carnegie Hall on Thanksgiving Sunday. The Chorale sang under the direction of internationally known and celebrated composer John Rutter, performing his own "Mass of the Children."

Carnegie Hall

This is the third time the Chorale has been invited to sing at the most prestigious venue in music and the second under Rutter's direction.

"I was elated when Norman Dunfee contacted me regarding the Thanksgiving, 2005 concert," said Chorale Founder and Conductor Tina Johns Heidrich, "We just performed the Rutter Mass at our Winter 2005 Concert and it was wonderful to be able to sing it again, especially for the great maestro himself at Carnegie Hall."

Norman Dunfee is Executive Director of Mid-America Productions who organizes concerts for Carnegie Hall.

"Mr. Rutter is a very down-to-earth man, who made it easy for over 250 singers to perform well at Carnegie Hall," remarked Dan Yee of Newtown. "He never raised his voice during practice, and he made the four-hour practices actually enjoyable and fun."

"Singing at Carnegie Hall by invitation three times was awesome in itself but performing this time with the Children’s Choirs is something I'll cherish the rest of my life," said Charlie Smith of Bethel. "It left me with the feeling on stage that the heavens opened and angels were singing from above."

The 55-voice Connecticut Master Chorale comprised the largest portion of the 250-voice Rutter chorus with the balance made up of other select Adult and Children’s choirs from around the country. The combined groups on stage made for an interesting mix of colors as each wore their individual standard performance garb - but they became a single chorus as their voices unified, filling the huge space with the magnificent masterwork. The New England Symphonic Ensemble accompanied the chorus.

Peggy Sheehan of Woodbury commented, "I was thinking all the while I was practicing with Rutter, 'What would it have been like singing with Mozart directing the group?' .... that perhaps this concert was comparable to singing with a master such as Mozart at the helm. I do consider Rutter to be a musical genius of our time in the realm of composing."

"John Rutter is an absolutely delightful man who has such a tremendous talent, a man so great yet so humble," quoted Nancy Lavers of Southbury who is the Chorale’s Public Relations Director. "I was thrilled to have the opportunity once again to sing for him."

The Connecticut Master Chorale has had many accomplishments and memorable experiences in its short seven-year history. In addition to singing at Carnegie Hall three times, it has performed at the White House, West Point Military Academy, Madison Square Garden, and as guests of the Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra – all by invitation.