"Handel" with Care

Great and Glorious Choruses from
Handel’s Famous Oratorios
Spring 2001 Concert Notes

Tina Johns Heidrich, Conductor
Joe Jacovino, Accompanist
Connecticut Master Chorale Orchestra

Sunday May 20, 2001 - 3:00pm
St. Peter's Church, Danbury, Connecticut

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George Frideric Handel
  • Overture (Messiah)
  • And the Glory of the Lord (Messiah)
  • Awake the Trumpet's Lofty Sound (Samson)
  • Fallen Is the Foe (Judas MaccabŠus)
  • See the Conquering Hero Comes (Joshua)
  • Throughout the Land (Solomon)
  • He Spake the Word (Israel in Egypt)
  • He Gave Them Hailstones (Israel in Egypt)
  • Hallelujah, Amen (Judas MaccabŠus)
  • Entrance of the Queen of Sheba (Solomon)
  • Swell the Full Chorus (Solomon)
  • Let Their Celestial Concerts All Unite (Samson)
  • The People Shall Hear (Israel in Egypt)
  • Overture (Saul)
  • How Excellent Thy Name (Saul)
  • He Is My God and I Will Exalt Him (Israel in Egypt)
  • Worthy Is the Lamb (Messiah)
  • Amen Chorus (Messiah)