Requiem for the Living
by Dan Forrest

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Feel the Spirit
by John Rutter

Spring 2015 Concert Soloist

Wendy Gerbier, Mezzo-Soprano

Wendy Gerbier, Mezzo-Soprano

Wendy Gerbier is a United States National Anthem Ambassador. Her mezzo-soprano voice, simply put, is sublime. The vibrant radiance of her three-octave range moves listeners deeply as they experience her full-bodied strength and warmth.

Even as a young child it was clear that Ms. Gerbier had a natural gift for all things musical. So it is no surprise that this accomplished musician, composer and producer has established herself as a successful opera singer.

Miss Gerbier's solo debut was at the 2004 concert in Danbury, CT honoring Marian Anderson. Her audiences regularly find themselves deeply moved by her rich and colorful tones and her exceptionally expressive stage presence. She is a soloist who is eagerly sought out throughout this country and abroad

Wendy preceded President Obama with the national anthem at the Moving America Forward rally in Connecticut. And she made her European debut in 2010 performing a solo concert in London. Wendy recently returned from her solo concert debut in Paris, France this past February.

Miss Gerbier's voice is a voice not to miss. Her name is one that you are sure to hear again and again as she soars throughout the world of classical music one note at a time.

Wendy welcomes visitors to her website at